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I’m a professional Business Coach.  My goal is to provide exceptional results for my clients.  I focus on strategies which drive long-term sustainable profit growth and thereby develop long term client relationships.  My clients see a high return on their investment and feel more supported and relaxed about their business.  Please check out my testimonials.

When I worked in corporate businesses I fulfilled a number of senior executive roles with accountability for up to £1billion annual sales.  My expertise was in leadership, management, sales and finance.  My mission was to deliver the best results in our industry.  It was challenging and very rewarding.

When I began working with smaller businesses the question was “would the challenges and solutions be the same?”.  In many ways the answer was “yes”. However I found that many small firms lacked expertise in one or two key areas which really stopped them achieving their potential.  I began by working with an established coaching franchise and then decided to set up my own business, Mike Kennedy Business Coaching.  I knew that I would be able to deliver a better, more personal service for my clients.

I coach my clients to deliver better results by implementing proven systems and principles.  They provide clear direction, efficient management, effective sales and marketing strategies and motivational leadership practices.  I also work on personal development and provide support and accountability on a weekly basis.  In turn, their businesses become far more manageable and successful.  And as we all know, having the right support and being successful makes work far more enjoyable.

My business values are based upon integrity, trust and adding value to my clients and their businesses.  I believe that it is a privilege to help them, and I look forward to speaking to you and hopefully helping you achieve your goals.


Mike Kennedy