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Your coaching will follow a proven structured programme which will be tailored to compliment your unique business priorities.





Establishing clearly defined business and personal goals. Knowing what you want out of your business, knowing your end goals and knowing where you need to be along the way.

  • Alignment of your personal and business goals
  • Clarification of the broad strategic path which will take you to your destination
  • Documented business goals for years one to three and defined year one strategies

Financial Control

Understanding your money situation clearly and having the right financial information to make all the right decisions.

  • Implementation of the right financial measures and performance indicators
  • Gaining control of your cash flow
  • Gaining clarity on margins, costs, bottom line, break-evens and your key business ratios

Delivery and Service

Ensuring that your products and services are delivered to consistently high standards.

  • Error proofing your service and production processes
  • Understanding your customers’ needs, wants and responding with high value services
  • Building an internal and external service culture and commitment within your workforce

Time Leverage

Being in control of your time and optimising your personal impact.

  • Combining “Effectiveness” (doing the right things) and “Efficiency “ (doing things the best way)
  • Evaluating the financial value of your time and choosing the “vital few” tasks versus the “trivial many”
  • Combining time-saving schedules with effective planning and delegation



Identifying Your Niche and Unique Selling Proposition

  • Understanding the combination of qualities that make your business unique and attractive
  • Determining your target customers, where you find them and how you communicate with them
  • Clarifying your business niche and avoiding price competition


  • Measuring and managing your margins to ensure that all goods and services optimise profit
  • Identifying the margin winners and developing strategies to focus on growing this business
  • Controlling  your fixed costs, variable costs and costs of goods sold

Sales and Marketing

  • Lead Generation: Identifying the right targets, right media and right offer. Testing and measuring every lead generation strategy: Knowing what works and doesn’t.  Making marketing an investment not a cost
  • Sales & Conversion: Implementing an effective sales process.  Recruiting, developing and managing an effective sales team. Understanding the sales mix and backing the winners
  • Loyal Customers: Developing strategies to get your customers coming back time and again
  • Increasing your Transaction Value: Implementing up-sell and cross-sell processes and strategies



Every week in sport we see examples of how a change in leadership transforms the fortunes of a team for better or worse.  The part leadership plays in business is every bit as important.  Because people are one of your biggest costs and potentially your most valuable investment, nothing should be left to chance in optimising the productivity of your team.

Though completely unnecessary and avoidable, businesses often waste a small fortune through poorly motivated, ineffective and unproductive staff.

I help my clients to ensure that the best possible leadership processes and principles are adopted into their business to provide

  • Individuals who are fully engaged and committed and deliver the highest possible return on your payroll investment
  • Teams that work together cooperatively and are united behind the goals of the business

You will be able to build a fully engaged, happy and very profitable work force.



Long term business growth is dependent upon leveraging productivity through effective systems.  These systems are critical in achieving a consistent delivery of products and services.

Small businesses often begin to grow without suitable systems and become dependent upon a few individuals.  Maintaining growth becomes difficult and losing any of those key people can be very disruptive.  It is therefore vital to gradually implement simple and effective systems throughout the business.

Step by step we will identify the critical areas of your business which require systemisation and implement them one by one.  The areas usually include sales, marketing, production, managing the team and administration.  As you create each effective system once, you will benefit forever.

The net result will be time and money savings plus improved quality throughout your business and a much improved bottom line.



We may have all the knowledge, skills and best intentions in the world but NOTHING HAPPENS WITHOUT ACTION.

My role will be to help you to determine priorities and insist that they are completed.  I will hold you to account on a weekly basis.  I will also ensure that we recognise and celebrate your successes and progress.

By focusing upon your quarterly plans, achieving your weekly and monthly objectives, your rate of progress along with your profits will soon increase.



Business success stems from strong and effective leadership. If the leader is ineffective the business will under-perform or fail completely.  Your development is pivotal for business success.

I will help you to focus your development in the areas of leadership, management, sales, marketing and finance.  Along with these skills, I will focus on your mind set and emotional intelligence to ensure that you are also thinking clearly and getting the best out of yourself.  As always, the purpose will be to work smarter not harder and to optimise your profits.



As the saying goes, “if we fail to plan we plan to fail”.  This is as true today as ever. Combining with your 3 Year Plan and Year One Strategies, the Quarterly Planning Meetings and Weekly Coaching Sessions form the structural foundation of the programme.

The Quarterly Planning Meeting: In each meeting we will

  • Evaluate the last quarter results and personal performance
  • Understand what is working and what need improving
  • Reset you personal and business goals
  • Set hard targets and measures for the quarter
  • Determine your actions and strategies

The Weekly Coaching Session: In each meeting we will

  • Review the previous week’s work and results
  • Determine the priorities and actions for the coming week
  • Maintain your focus on your long-term business goals and personal development

During the session I will be challenging but compassionate.  I will provide truthful, objective and constructive feedback.  I will keep you focussed, help you to find solutions and answer your questions.  You can choose to be coached in person or over the phone or a combination of both.

The weekly coaching sessions will keep you on track in achieving your goals and financial targets.